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2024 FOLD Challenge — April

A book by a Sikh author

By Rahma Shere

The month of April ushers in the spring season with rain showers and other seasonal signs. For the Sikh community, April is also an important and sacred month. Sikhs across the world celebrate Vaisakhi, which marks creation of the Khalsa and the Sikh articles of faith. Therefore, the designation of April as Sikh Heritage Month, enacted in 2013 serves as a timely reminder of the significance of Sikh culture and heritage in Canadian society. This recognition guides our responsibility to the unique needs of various faith communities and reinforces our commitment to respect and inclusion for all. Whether you are familiar with Sikh culture or eager to learn more, the April FOLD Reading Challenge offers a welcoming opportunity to explore, reflect and connect with Sikh Heritage Month and members of the Canadian Sikh community.


Book cover for THE HEART OF A SUPERFAN by Nav Bhatia. The book features a purple background and image of Nav wearing a white turban and Toronto Raptors basketball jersey.
The Heart of a Superfan, by Nav Bhatia — Available on Audible

You know him as the Raptors Superfan, but Nav Bhatia’s story is bigger than basketball.

Nav immigrated to Canada from India after experiencing many hardships—only to face a host of new challenges. Life as an immigrant was gruelling and grey…and then, a new basketball team came to town. As Nav cheered on the Toronto Raptors at game after game, as they lost, as they won, on the good days and the bad, he discovered inspiration and community in the greatest game on Earth, formed life-long bonds with many of the best players the sport has ever known, and solidified his own place in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In this memoir, Nav shares his incredible personal story of triumphing over adversity, as well as the lessons that propelled him to success in all facets of life: as an entrepreneur, movie producer, humanitarian, son, father and husband, and the Raptors’ most dedicated supporter. And woven throughout the book are intimate, colourful behind-the-scenes stories about the Raptors—from their very first game in 1995 to their 2019 Championship win, and beyond—that only the Superfan could know.

This is a book about loyalty, perseverance and the power of sports to unite us across differences—and, most of all, about how following your passions can lead you to the most extraordinary places.

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Book cover for HOME BODY by Rupi Kaur. Cover features a brown background and green border.
Home Body, by Rupi Kaur — Available on Audible

rupi kaur constantly embraces growth, and in home body, she walks readers through a reflective and intimate journey visiting the past, the present, and the potential of the self. home body is a collection of raw, honest conversations with oneself – reminding readers to fill up on love, acceptance, community, family, and embrace change. illustrated by the author, themes of nature and nurture, light and dark, rest here.

i dive into the well of my body
and end up in another world
everything i need
already exists in me
there’s no need
to look anywhere else


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Book cover for BE A TRIANGLE by Lilly Singh. Cover features a white background and a semi-faded green triangle. There is also a small headshot of Lilly in the top right corner.
Be A Triangle, by Lilly Singh — Available on Audible

“It’s time to flip right side up. It’s time for this book title to make sense. It’s time to be a triangle.”

Everyone knows that sometimes, life just sucks—even world-famous actress, author, and creator Lilly Singh. In this book, Lilly provides a safe space where readers can learn how to create a sense of peace within themselves. Without sugarcoating what it’s like to face adversity—including Lilly’s intensely personal struggles with identity, success, and self-doubt—she teaches readers to “unsubscribe” from cookie-cutter ideals.

With her signature blend of vulnerability, insight, and humor, Lilly instructs readers to “be a triangle”: You must build a solid foundation for your life, one that can be built upon, but never fundamentally changed or destroyed. As she puts it, we must always find a way to come home to ourselves—”we must create a place, a set of beliefs, a simple set of priorities to come back to should life lead us astray, which it will.”

Like a wise, empathetic friend who always keeps you honest, Lilly pushes you to adjust your mindset and change the conversations you have with yourself. The result is a deeply humane, entertaining, and uplifting guide to befriending yourself and becoming a true “miracle for the world.”

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Book cover for LOVE & COURAGE by Jagmeet Singh. Cover features a yellow background, Jagmeet riding on a small bicycle and three images of him and his family from his childhood.
Love & Courage, by Jagmeet Singh — Available on Audible

In October 2017, Jagmeet Singh was elected as the first visible minority to lead a major federal political party in Canada. The historic milestone was celebrated across the nation.

About a month earlier, in the lead up to his election, Jagmeet held community meet-and-greets across Canada. At one such event, a disruptive heckler in the crowd hurled accusations at him. Jagmeet responded by calmly calling for all Canadians to act with “love and courage” in the face of hate. That response immediately went viral, and people across the country began asking, “Who is Jagmeet Singh? And why ‘love and courage’?”

This personal and heartfelt memoir is Jagmeet’s answer to that question. In it, we are invited to walk with him through childhood to adulthood as he learns powerful, moving, and sometimes traumatic lessons about hardship, addiction, and the impact of not belonging. We meet his strong family, including his mother, who teaches him that “we are all one; we are all connected,” a valuable lesson that has shaped who he is today.

This story is not a political memoir. This is a story of family, love, and courage, and how strengthening the connection between us all is the way to building a better world.

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