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The FOLD Kids Challenge

Reading and listening recommendations that encourage booklovers of all ages to thoughtfully consider their reading lists and ask one important question: Who’s missing?

Hey kids: Are You Ready for the Challenge?

What are you reading? Who’s missing? New for 2024, the FOLD’s Kids Reading Challenge encourages booklovers of all ages to diversify their reading and their listening by asking one important question: Who’s missing?

Each year, the FOLD releases a twelve-challenge list in January, focusing on one challenge per month for the duration of the year. Every month, the FOLD releases a blog compiled by one of our planning team members that includes a list of recommended titles to help you along.

This year, we’re so excited to have a Kids Challenge component–a “kid-friendly” version of the challenge that will run concurrently, each month, with our traditional Challenge. Each month, we will provide three suggestions: a picture book, a middle grade book, and a YA book, that correspond to the challenge being explored.

For readers who may not read as many titles throughout the year, pick a few challenges that will enrich your reading list and your life.

As we say at the FOLD, diversity always takes more work…but it always reaps better results. So grab a book and get reading – and check back here for more.

January: A book by a Palestinian author

February: A book that has been challenged in Canadian schools

March: A mystery book by a racialized author

April: A book by a Sikh Author

May: A book based on a true story by a South Asian author

June: A book by a Cree author

July: A book that explores a different language from an independent Canadian press

August: A novel or book of poetry by a Caribbean author

September: A book about a neurodivergent character

October: A book by a non-binary and/or transgender author

November: An ACCESSIBLE* book by a marginalized author

December: 2024 in Reflection

*A book available in all formats—braille, audio, large print. etc.

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