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The Reading Challenge

Reading and listening recommendations that encourage booklovers to thoughtfully consider their reading lists and ask one important question: Who’s missing?

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Each month, the FOLD features one of the challenges, providing suggested titles through a monthly blog.

For readers who may not read as many titles throughout the year, pick a few challenges that will enrich your reading list and your life.

As we say at the FOLD, diversity always takes more work…but it always reaps better results. So grab a book and get reading – and check back here for more.

January: An Audiobook by an Indigenous Author

February: A Book by an author from the Caribbean

March: FOLD 2020 author

April: Poetry by someone from a marginalized community

May: A book by an author from a prairie province

June: A book by an author from Asia

July: “Quarantine Read” by an author from a marginalized community

August: A Canadian book being made into a movie or TV series

September: A book banned or challenged in the country where you were born

October: Nonfiction that explores mental health

November: In Memoriam: Fiction by a Writer of Colour

December: Nonfiction by a Disabled Writer

Start Reading!

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