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The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) is Canada’s first festival for diverse authors and storytellers. Established in 2016, the festival provides literary events each spring virtually and in-person. In 2023, the festival will run from April 30 – May 7. Events April 30 to May 3 will be virtual, while events May 4-6 will be offered in-person with live-streaming.

As part of the spring festival, the FOLD provides one-of-a-kind events for secondary school students. Educators who register for the festival will receive an Educator Guide, which includes pre- and post-event activities for high school classrooms.

Another Story Bookshop, the FOLD’s official festival bookseller, will be onsite for the May 4 – 7 in-person events. ASB also offers online sales of FOLD titles every year in the month leading up to the festival.



All events designed for school groups will be presented live each day on our virtual platform May 2 – 4, at 10am and 12:30pm ET.

All live virtual events will be made available for on-demand viewing on the festival platform within 12-hours of their live presentation. On-demand events will be available to watch and re-watch until June 7, 2023.



In 2023, the festival will host two hybrid events to allow local educators and school groups to join us in-person at the Rose Theatre in Brampton as we livestream events on Thursday, May 4, 2023 at 10am and 12:30 ET. Authors will be available following the event for book-signings.

Teachers who wish to bring their class the festival for our in-person school group events on Thursday, May 4 can call the Rose Theatre box office as of March 8 to reserve a spot. Educators can book by phone (905 874 2844 Ext. 62803 or 62804) or they can email

In-Person School Group programming is sponsored by Sheridan.



Below you’ll find payment options, a preview of school group events, and a list of frequently asked questions.




Available for purchase March 23 at

A virtual pass allows teachers to access the entire virtual festival for use in their classrooms. In addition to the festival pass, which allows teachers to login to the festival starting May 1 using their registration email address, teachers will also receive a Student Access Login (SAL) which allows virtual and in-person students to view events on their own devices – including through our new festival app — until the platform closes on June 7.



A school board pass provides a school board with a designated code so that all staff within the board can register for a festival pass, including Student Access Logins (SAL) for teachers to distribute to their students. A representative from the board will need to complete a form in order to receive an invoice and a registration code that each teacher and teacher-librarian in the board can use to register on the platform starting March 23. School Boards need to confirm their interest by April 1, 2023.


Great Escapes and Expectations (Authors Discussion)
May 4 at 10:00 AM | The Rose Mainstage | Grade Range: 9-12 | Run Time: 60 minutes

Being a teen can be tough. From managing the weight of expectations to dealing with big topics and world issues, it can feel like life is too big and too much to handle. In this panel designed just for students, four young adult authors discuss the ways reading and writing can be a tool for escape and entertainment, as well as a powerful tool to tackle everyday issues. $5.00 for this event presented by The FOLD.

The Spoken Word Showcase
May 4 at 12:30 PM | The Rose Mainstage | Grade Range: 9-12 | Run Time: 60 minutes

In our annual teen spoken word showcase, three poets take the mic and present incredible poetry. Hosted by poetry curator The Wild Woman, this event is geared towards high school students. $5.00 for this event presented by The FOLD.

Frequently Asked Questions for Educators

  • How do I register my class for the virtual festival?

    An educator can register for a virtual pass starting March 23, which will give them access to all of the virtual events from April 30 – May 7. If your board has purchased a board pass, you’ll receive a code to register for a virtual pass. You’ll have the option to add in-person tickets at check out.

    Educators registering for a virtual pass will be given the option to create a STUDENT ACCESS LOGIN (SAL) to provide students with access to the platform as well. Student Access Logins allow students to login on their own devices with a generic account that’s connected to their educators. SALs limit a student’s reach on the platform for safety and security reasons.

  • Do I need a Student Access Login (SAL) if I’ll be showing the virtual events in class?

    If you’re planning to show the events in class, you will not need an SAL, but when you register as an educator who will be showing the events in class, one will automatically be created for you. SALs are helpful if a student is away or if they are planning to watch events on their own device.

  • How do I log into the platform to view a virtual event?

    You can login to the platform by going to our website or by visiting We recommend logging into the platform on the website or though the vFairs app as soon as you register. You’ll be prompted to create a password using your email. Please do this for your SAL as well so that you can share the code and the password with any student who needs it. On the day of an event, login and head to the Auditorium. Click on the screen and click “Play” on any completed or pre-recorded event.

  • What platform is being used to show the virtual events?

    The virtual festival takes place on an innovative, customized virtual platform. All virtual events take place in the platform using Zoom. They can also be viewed on vFairs mobile app.

  • What security precautions are in place to make sure students are safe online?

    The FOLD is taking every precaution to keep all guests safe. SAL’s give students restricted access on the platform. They will never appear on video. While they can pose questions in Zoom, they cannot participate in the chat or on the leaderboard. All questions will be monitored by a designated FOLD team member. Any concerns with student use will result in the suspension of that code and a follow up with the teacher associated with the account.

    Our Virtual Safe Space Policy will be posted on the platform and shared with teachers prior to the event. In the unfortunate event that inappropriate behaviour does occur, FOLD staff will act swiftly, in consultation with the teacher and school board.



  • For a live virtual event, when should teachers login to the platform?

    We recommend logging in to the platform 10 mins before the event. The event will go live roughly 5 mins before start time to give people time to enter Zoom. But you can test out your sound quality by trying out any of the previously recorded events. If tech issues arise, contact tech support via the email address at the top of the screen, through the chat, or through the Info Desk.

  • If I can’t attend the virtual event live, will I be able to access the videos afterward?

    All FOLD events will be made available virtually within 12 hours of being presented live. All videos will be available until June 7.

  • Will I have access to other FOLD virtual events?

    All virtual passes and SALs provide full access to all virtual events. In-person event passes and specialty tickets must be purchased separately.

  • If I’m interested in one event, do I still need a full pass? Are individual event registrations available?

    Unfortunately, access to individual events is not available. However, festival passes are set at a reasonable rate, providing access to more than 25 incredible literary events. We’re confident that educators we be able to find a number of events for you and/or your class to enjoy.

  • How do I register my class for in-person school group events?

    To register your class for in-person events at the Rose Theatre in Brampton on Thursday, May 5, please call the Rose Theatre Box Office  ((905) 874-2800).

    For the safety of all unmasked performers and hosts, the FOLD requests that all students, teachers and special guests wear masks while attending performances and book signings at the Rose Theatre.

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