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School Groups

Festival events designed for students in grades 9-12


The Festival of Literary Diversity will host live school groups on our new virtual platform May 4-7, 2021. Teachers can register a class of up to 35 students for $75/event, or school boards can reserve a bundle of tickets to distribute to  teachers.

If you are a Peel School Board teacher or a teacher in the Halton District School Board or Upper Grand District School Board, please check your message board and emails or email to register.

If your school board has not reserved a block of tickets, general registration for school groups opens March 25. Space is limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

When registration opens, teachers can select from the events below by providing their email address and the number of access codes required for students who will be joining the event remotely. Students joining remotely will be able to log in using a unique access code. Students learning in class can view using their teacher’s login credentials in class, but teachers are encouraged to request a few access codes for students who may be away.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | 2pm ET

PANEL | The Power and Possibility of Fiction (Grade 9-12)

Fiction provides a space to learn from works created entirely from the imagination of the author, some rooted in real world experiences, some straying into worlds of fantastic creation. In this event for teen readers, authors Tanya Boteju (Bruised), Sarah Suk (Made In Korea) and Cole Pauls (Dakwakada Warriors) discuss how to shape stories that impact young readers. In this 60-minute event for school groups, authors relay the power and possibility that literature provides, how creating new worlds and fictitious characters provide an important lens on contemporary realities.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 | 1pm ET


The Spoken Word Showcase features presentations from three incredible spoken word artists, followed by a short Q and A with the artists. With performances by artists from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, the annual showcase reveals the power of oral story-telling traditions and provides an essential resource for young people who are exploring their place and purpose in a complicated world.

Thursday, May 6, 2021 | 2pm ET


Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Dwayne De Rosario wasn”t expected to make it out of high school, let alone to the top of soccer world as the best male soccer player to come out of Canada. As part of a family of five, growing up in a one-bedroom apartment, he had to work for everything he had and sometimes that meant doing things he realized he didn’t want to do. It was soccer that saved him from a life on the street. For the first time, Dwayne shares many heartbreaking, life-altering stories from his mischievous childhood, an upbringing that made him the hungry, successful, superstar athlete he became.

Friday, May 7, 2021 | 1pm ET


In this new event for middle grade and secondary students, illustrators take up their drawing tools and battle it out for viewers to judge the best illustrations. This not-to-be-missed interactive and hilarious event features live drawings by illustrators Jason Loo, Cole Pauls and Anoosha Syed.

School Group events are ideally suited for students grade 8-12 due to mature themes and subject matter. The illustrator battle is suitable for students as young as grade 7. School group events in November, for the FOLD Kids Book Fest will be tailored to elementary and middle grade students.

How to Register

School Boards who have purchased a block of tickets will open up registration to their teachers early in March. If you are part of the Peel District School Board, Upper Grand District School Board or the Halton District School Board, please email Include your school and your school board in the email.

School Group registration for teachers who are not part of a board that has reserved a block of tickets will begin March 25. Teachers will be able to register a class of up to 35 students for $75/day.

If your school board would like to secure a bulk order of tickets for each day, please email the FOLD by March 20 at to make arrangements.



School Group Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need codes if I’ll be showing the event in class?

    If you’re planning to show the event in class, we recommend that you claim a few virtual codes in the event that a student is absent or unable to attend class on the day. We will not be able to adjust the numbers once your registration is confirmed, so please plan accordingly.

  • When will I get the codes?

    All teachers who are part of the boards who have purchased a block of tickets will receive their unique student codes the week of April 20th. Teachers who register individual classes starting March 25 will receive their codes immediately.

  • Do I need to keep track of the codes I’ve been given?

    Yes! If you’re part of a block group of tickets, each student will be given a unique code for each event. If you’re registering your class on the site, your codes will apply for whatever day(s) you register.

  • Do I need multiple codes if I’ll be showing the event in my classroom?

    We recommend that you get a few codes in case some of your students can’t physically attend your class that day. You can also get codes for your whole class in case in-person learning isn’t possible during the festival. It’s also important to note that there’s no guarantee that you can get more codes once they’ve all been spoken for.

  • How will I or my students log into the platform?

    On the day of the event, teachers and students will go to the login page. Teachers will use their email address and students will use a code, which will prompt them to create a password. The login and code will only work on the day of the registered event.

  • What platform is being used?

    The festival will be held on an innovative, customized virtual platform. Guests will begin in the lobby and will “enter” a virtual auditorium. By clicking on the screen in the auditorium and selecting the appropriate event, a Zoom-based event will “pop-out” for students and teachers to watch the event.

  • What security precautions are in place to make sure students are safe?

    The FOLD is taking every precaution to keep all guests safe. All students entering the platform virtually, will require a code to enter the platform. They will not need to share any emails and they will not need to login to Zoom. They will never appear on video. The Zoom chat function will be closed to student, and the question and answer box will be set to private. All questions will be monitored by a designated FOLD team member.


    Our Virtual Safe Space Policy will be posted here and on the platform and shared with teachers prior to the event. In the unfortunate event that inappropriate behaviour does occur, FOLD staff will act swiftly, in consultation with the teacher and school board.

  • On the day of the event, when should students login to the platform?

    We recommend logging in to the platform 10 mins before the event. The event will go live roughly 5 mins before start time to give people time to enter Zoom. If any issues arise, individual teachers will have access to an info desk and tech support.

  • If I can’t attend the event live, will I be able to access the videos afterward?

    Teachers who have registered for the school group events will be sent a link to the recorded events after May 8th. The four videos will be available until May 31st.

  • Will I or my students get access to other FOLD events?

    To access other live events or to use the platform, teachers and students would need to purchase a FOLD 2021 pass. Patron passes are available for those in financial need.

  • How do I know if my school board has purchased or reserved a block of tickets?

    As of March 1, Peel District School Board and Halton District School Board teachers can request tickets by emailing We will update this site if any additional school boards reserve spaces for their teachers. March 20 is the last chance school boards to confirm or reserve a block of tickets.

  • How many codes do I get if I don't know how many students I'll have?

    Register for the tickets you MIGHT need and adjust your ticket amount once you know your class numbers. If the block of tickets are claimed and you need more tickets later, we will not be able to add more tickets, but if you adjust your tickets later, it’s possible that someone else may be able to use your leftovers.

The FOLD is a remarkable and wonderful event for authors and attendees alike. What an amazing community, dedicated to the vital need for inclusive stories and the critical role they play in building a better world.

Soraya Chemaly, author of Rage Becomes Her

Field Guide to the North American Teenager is my first novel and FOLD was my first Canadian literary festival. While American and Canadian culture overlap quite a bit, especially when it comes to bookshelves, Canadian literature is unique and I was very heartened by to be embraced by that community I consider home despite residing in the US. It was a homecoming I didn’t know I needed!

Ben Philippe, author of Field Guide to the North American Teenager

The Festival of Literary Diversity was an absolute joy–the organizers thought of *everything* and by anticipating authors’ needs, they freed us to focus on connecting with the audience and each other. There was no pretension, no posturing–just very genuine conversations with invested writers and engaged readers.

Zetta Elliott, author of Dragons in a Bag

I have been to a lot of writers festivals and the FOLD is definitely near the top of the list of those I want to be invited back to.

Harold Johnson, author of the memoirs Clifford and Firewater

Being part of such a clearly diverse, inclusive and mutually respectful group was thrilling and inspiring: a glimpse of a better world.

Kathy Page, author of Dear Evelyn, winner of the 2018 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

Wherever I go in Canada and find another writer of colour, we eventually end up gushing about how great the FOLD is, how by normalizing diversity it liberates us to talk to audiences about craft. It’s hard to imagine the literary landscape returning to a prehistoric pre-FOLD era.

Ian Williams, Author of the Giller Prize-winning novel Reproduction

FOLD is a festival experience unlike any other I’ve had. The FOLD team strive to create a space that’s welcoming and engaging, while allowing for curiosity, ingenuity and the fostering of real community – and they succeed, every year.

Alicia Elliott, author of A Mind Spread Out On The Ground

The FOLD is one of the most important literary events on this continent. By focusing on diverse voices and giving authors space to share their stories and speak their truths, it is revolutionizing the writing and storytelling realm as we know it.

Waubgeshig Rice, author of Moon Of The Crusted Snow

Being part of the FOLD community has provided me with a strong sense of belonging. Sharing diverse stories and listening to different voices that broaden my understanding of the world has impacted me as a person and motivated me as a writer.

Ann Y.K. Choi, author of Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety

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