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By Toni Duval This month we are highlighting books that are either a collection of poetry or stories written in verse. Poetry invites the author to explore large and complicated ideas in only a few words or lines. While these books may use a common format, they address a wide range of themes: history, resilience,...

1) Another Nirvana, by Archna Sahni These poems explore the meaning of home and belonging and a search for transcendence through love and art. They reflect on what it means to live between cultures and continents, question traditional female roles, ponder over the role of art in life. The poet’s search for home leads her...

It can be easy, in a culture that sometimes seems to give more space to young writers and young accomplishments than not, to forget that writing is a career that lasts a lifetime. There is no age limit to brilliance–writing can sing and reach readers regardless of the age of the person who pens it....

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