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Covid-19 Protocol for In-Person Events


For the first time in two years, the FOLD will be presenting in-person events at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Ontario — three events from May 6-7 as part of the FOLD 2022 schedule.


While some restrictions have been lifted in Ontario and across Canada, FOLD artists, volunteers, booksellers, and audiences are agreeing to take part in the 2022 festival amidst the lingering conditions of a global pandemic. With this in mind, and being mindful of vulnerable populations at all levels of our organization, the following FOLD safety protocols and precautions will remain in place regardless of changes and adjustments in national and provincial mandates. 


All guests will be required to submit proof of vaccination and complete a health check prior to or upon arrival. Guests, staff and volunteers will also complete rapid tests and will wear masks throughout the venue except when appearing on stage as part of a presentation. 


Tickets will be sold to a maximum 60% capacity. All activities — including book sales and author signings — will be set up to minimize crowds. Food and beverage will not be served on-site, but guests are welcome to bring water bottles into the space to maintain hydration. Outdoor reception spaces will be used whenever possible.

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