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2023 FOLD Challenge — June

A book featuring queer joy by a BIPOC author

By Lavanya Narasimhan
Joy is a healer; it’s a connector; it’s as necessary to a person and community as food and water. Oftentimes, narratives for marginalized people focus on trauma or overcoming hardships. But joy is just as compelling of a storytelling element – the attaining of it, the celebration of it, the maintaining of it. There’s a certain grace in writing narratives of joy, a deftness and understanding of what our best selves can be, even under the most trying of circumstances. I’m so excited to celebrate Pride month with these four books that focus on queer BIPOC joy.


Cover for LOVE AFTER THE END, showing a dystopian scene with trees by a lake.
Love After The End, edited by Joshua Whitehead

This anthology of speculative fiction showcases a number of new and emerging 2SQ (Two-Spirit and queer) Indigenous writers from across Turtle Island. These visionary authors show how queer Indigenous communities can bloom and thrive through utopian narratives that detail the vivacity and strength of 2SQness throughout its plight in the maw of settler colonialism’s histories. Readers will discover bioengineered AI rats, transplanted trees in space, the rise of a 2SQ resistance camp, a primer on how to survive Indigiqueerly, virtual reality applications, mother ships at sea, and the very bending of space-time continuums queered through NDN time. Love after the End demonstrates the imaginatively queer Two-Spirit futurisms we have all been dreaming of since 1492. Contributors include Nathan Adler, Darcie Little Badger, Gabriel Castilloux Calderon, Adam Garnet Jones, Mari Kurisato, Kai Minosh Pyle, David Alexander Robertson, jaye simpson, and Nazbah Tom.


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Cover art for the novel THE FOGHORN ECHOES by Danny Ramadan, featuring a setting sun on the horizon casting a seascape into pinks and blues.
The Foghorn Echoes, by Danny Ramadan (Available on Audible Canada)
After a blooming romance leads to a tragic accident when Hussam’s father catches him acting on his feelings for his best friend, Wassim, the course of their lives is changed forever. Ten years later, Hussam and Wassim are still struggling to find peace and belonging. Sponsored as a refugee by a controlling older man, Hussam is living an openly gay life in Vancouver, where he attempts to quiet his demons with sex, drugs, and alcohol. Wassim is living on the streets of Damascus, having abandoned a wife and child and a charade he could no longer keep up. The past continues to reverberate through the present as Hussam and Wassim come face to face with heartache, history, drag queens, border guards, and ghosts both literal and figurative. Masterfully crafted and richly detailed, The Foghorn Echoes is a gripping novel about how to carve out home in the midst of war, and how to move forward when the war is within yourself.
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Cover art for THE LOST CENTURY by Larissa Lai, showing swirling dark and light blue splashes in a vortex wave pattern.
The Lost Century, by Larissa Lai (Available on Audible Canada)

On the eve of the return of the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong to China in 1997, young Ophelia asks her peculiar great-aunt Violet about the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War II, the disappearance of her uncle Raymond, and whether her grandmother, Emily, was a murderer. Emily’s marriage – three times – to her father’s mortal enemy causes a stir. But the bickering around the scandal of Emily’s marriage is violently disrupted by the Japanese Imperial Army’s invasion of Hong Kong on Christmas Day, 1941, which plunges the colony into a landscape of violence none of its inhabitants escape from unscathed, least of all Emily. When her sister’s situation becomes dire, Violet, along with a crew of unlikely cosmopolitans, hatches a plan to rescue Emily from the wrath of the person she thought loved her the most – her husband, Tak-Wing. In the middle of it all, a strange match of timeless Test cricket unfolds in which the ball has an agency all its own. With great heart, The Lost Century explores the intersections of Asian relations, queer Asian history, underground resistance, the violence of war, and the rise of modern China – a sprawling novel of betrayal, epic violence, and intimate passions.

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Cover for Tanya Turton's novel JADE IS A TWISTED GREEN
Jade is a Twisted Green, by Tanya Turton (Available on Audible Canada)

For readers of Queenie and Honey Girl, a coming-of-age story about queer Black identity, love, passion, chosen family, and rediscovering life’s pleasures after loss.

Jade Brown, a twenty-four-year-old first-generation Jamaican woman living in Toronto, must find a way to pick up the pieces and discover who she is following the mysterious death of her twin sister.

Grappling with her grief, Jade seeks solace in lovers and friends during an array of hilarious and heartbreaking adventures. As she investigates some of life’s most frustrating paradoxes, she holds tight to old friends and her ex-girlfriend, lifelines between past and present. On the journey to turning twenty-five, she finally sees that she belongs to herself, and goes about the business of reclaiming that self.

Through a series of whirlwind love affairs, parties, and trips abroad, Jade stumbles toward relinquishing the weight of her trauma as she fully comes into her own as a young Black woman and writer.

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