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2021 FOLD Challenge — September

Book by An Author Living with Chronic Illness

By Alex Platt

Although chronic illnesses are common among Canadians, cutting across culture and ethnicity, sex and gender, you wouldn’t necessarily believe it by looking at our literature. This is one of the many costs of living with a chronic illness: invisibility. For many of us, shame—and a deep fear of judgment or reprisal (not just from friends and family, but from those working in the medical field)—help prop up a culture of silence around chronic illness and disease.

For September, the FOLD has selected titles that not only make space for stories that deepen and expand our empathy and understanding of what it means to live with a chronic illness, but also acknowledge the ways in which the personal and the social are interwoven (instead of framing illness or disease as a personal tragedy), and ask us to reflect with care and patience on lived experiences that exist outside of the realm of the mainstream–well, neurotypical, or able-bodied realm. Crucially, these writers show us that we can do more than survive.  

Cover for CHOOSING HOPE: ONE WOMAN THREE CANCERS by Munira Premji. Image shows a bald Indian woman resting her face in her hands and smiling against a black background.
Choosing Hope: One Woman, Three Cancers, by Munira Premji

Choosing Hope: One Woman. Three Cancers is the story of how the author survived three advanced cancers: Stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Stage 3 multiple myeloma, and Stage 3 breast cancer, within a period of five years. Written as a series of anecdotes based on entries from a blog the author started shortly after her first diagnosis—when her focus was simply on surviving—it tells a story of resilience, courage, and hope in the face of overwhelming odds. It explores and shares the author’s experiences at home, in the community, and in hospitals, revealing with utter honesty and catching humour her moments of utter darkness and light, of intense pain and blissful but precarious relief.
Choosing Hope captures the psychological, physical, and emotional trauma of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. It is easy to read and anecdotal in style and will have special appeal to recently diagnosed cancer patients, survivors and their families, to caregivers, and to many others facing health challenges.

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Cover for Hollay Ghadery's memoir FUSE, showing a black silhouette of a woman. Her face is partially obscured by a bright multi-coloured cloth.
Fuse, by Hollay Ghadery

Fuse is Hollay Ghadery’s memoir of mixed-race identity and mental illness. Drawing on her own experiences as a woman of Iranian and British Isle descent, writer Hollay Ghadery dives into conflicts and uncertainty surrounding the bi-racial female body and identity, especially as it butts up against the disparate expectations of each culture. Painfully and at times, reluctantly, Fuse probes and explores the documented prevalence of mental health issues in bi-racial women.

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Cover for Shayne McGreal's novel, ANTHONY: A COMPOSITE NOVEL. Cover is black and has large white letters that spell out
Anthony: A Composite Novel, by Shayne McGreal

In his first book, Shayne McGreal writes about mental illness, masculinity and violence, focusing on characters who are insecure, full of doubt, and desperate to control themselves and their surroundings.

Following a stranger hoping he’s a long-lost friend. Breaking into a relative’s home to retrieve your antidepressants. Planning to get pregnant, getting pregnant, and trying to tell your husband you don’t want the baby. Waiting all evening for your wife to compliment your appearance, running a social experiment and getting blamed when a woman gets hit by a car. Getting fired after you’re caught with your pants down at work. All these stories involve Anthony, a sensitive, insecure, mentally ill young man and aspiring filmmaker. The collection explores his experiences as he tries to cope with and overcome the fears driven by his obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, and clinical depression.

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The cover for JE Barnard's novel WHY THE ROCK FALLS.
Why the Rock Falls, by J.E. Barnard (Available on Audible Canada)

JE Barnard lives with ME/CFS and PTSD. She writes about women reclaiming their power.

After a dinner-party clash between entrenched oil interests and liberal Hollywood insiders, only Michael and Tyrone, the two children at the disastrous event, remain friends. But soon one dinner guest is dead and two more are missing in the Alberta wilds.

As Jan Brenner comforts the newly-bereaved Michael, ex-Mountie Lacey McCrae infiltrates the Caine oil dynasty to learn which of Tyrone’s older half-brothers and their scheming mothers most want him gone. With the search for the missing heading into its third night, Lacey uncovers a massive hole in the Caine ranch’s security network as well as evidence of previous attacks on Tyrone. Then Jan discovers a long-buried connection between the two families that threatens Michael, too.

As thunderstorms roll over the vast limestone cliffs of the Ghost Wilderness, danger stalks Michael, Tyrone, and the women who struggle to keep them safe.

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