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A How-To on Book Reviews with Ardo Omer


What makes a great book review? In this workshop, learn about what goes into a book review, its importance in the book industry, and how it doesn’t escape the conversations around marginalization for both the reviewer and the author. From writing longform on your blog or short snippets on reading apps to recording your thoughts for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, book reviews come in all forms, and it gives the everyday reader a way to be a part of the conversation. Join reviewer and FOLD Kids Coordinator Ardo Omer who started out her career in publishing almost 10 years ago as a book blogger!

This session will be closed-captioned. Closed captioning provided by Zoom auto transcription.

This session will be followed by a Q&A.

Date: Saturday, March 12, 12pm EST.

Cost: FREE

Webinar Host

Ardo Omer has written for online platforms as a reviewer and critic for almost a decade. She’s been a judge for a few kids comics awards and is an advisor at the Canadian Comics Open Library.

Omer lives in Toronto, Ontario, where she serves as the Kids Coordinator for the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD).

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