4. The Writer's Workshop: Publishing 101 - The FOLD

4. The Writer’s Workshop: Publishing 101

Virtual Event


Back by popular demand, the Writers’ Workshop is specifically designed for writers navigating the Canadian publishing industry.

Through an in-depth and extensive workshop, writers will hear from agent Brigette Kam about the submission process, followed by a deep-dive into the editing process with editor Aeman Ansari. Wrapping up the workshop, publicist Cynara Geissler will provide helpful tips about what to expect and how to approach the challenges of marketing and publicity.

Before, after and throughout the event, attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions, and visit vendors and publishing professionals in our exhibit hall.

Representatives from Penguin Random House Canada, Simon and Schuster Canada, Harlequin, HarperCollins Canada, Rising Action Publishing, NeWest Press, Nimbus Publishing, Playwrights Canada and more will be available to answer publishing questions 12-4pm at their virtual booths — as well as publishing programs like Sheridan and SFU Writing and agents like Westwood Creative Agency.

Date: May 1, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


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Featured Speaker(s)

Aeman Ansari
A fat white woman in her late 30s stands in front of a full bookshelf. The photo shows her from the waist up; she's wearing a fitted multi-coloured striped dress with a mockneck and long sleeves. She has chin-length curled golden brown hair, wears square light blue glasses, orange lipstick and green pompom earrings.
Cynara Geissler
Bridgette Kam_headshot_FOLD
Bridgette Kam
Hana El Niwairi

Aeman Ansari

Aeman Ansari is a Toronto-based freelance editor. Previously, she acquired, commissioned, and edited narrative-driven fiction and non-fiction at HarperCollins Canada. Aeman has a particular interest in projects by BIPOC authors that showcase authentic voices, nuanced narratives, and intersectional identities.

A fat white woman in her late 30s stands in front of a full bookshelf. The photo shows her from the waist up; she's wearing a fitted multi-coloured striped dress with a mockneck and long sleeves. She has chin-length curled golden brown hair, wears square light blue glasses, orange lipstick and green pompom earrings.

Cynara Geissler

Cynara Geissler (she/her) is the director of marketing and publicity at Arsenal Pulp Press, a leading Canadian independent book publisher in Vancouver, BC. Arsenal Pulp Press celebrated its 50th anniversary in fall 2021 and has over 400 titles currently in print, which include literary fiction, nonfiction and poetry; books on social issues; gender studies; LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC literature; graphic novels and non-fiction; children’s and young adult literature; regional history; cookbooks; alternative crafts; and books in translation.

Bridgette Kam_headshot_FOLD

Bridgette Kam

Bridgette Kam is a literary associate at Westwood Creative Artists, where she is proud to co-represent writers of literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, and children’s picture books with WCA’s senior agents. She previously worked in WCA’s rights department and interned at McClelland & Stewart. Before publishing, Bridgette worked in the arts, communications, education and legal industries in Toronto and Hong Kong.


Hana El Niwairi

Hana El Niwairi is a writer, publishing professional, and media enthusiast who handles international rights at a literary agency based in Toronto. Prior to joining the publishing industry, Hana worked in the non-profit, arts, and culture sectors. She is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization BIPOC of Publishing in Canada.

The FOLD is a remarkable and wonderful event for authors and attendees alike. What an amazing community, dedicated to the vital need for inclusive stories and the critical role they play in building a better world.

Soraya Chemaly, author of Rage Becomes Her

Field Guide to the North American Teenager is my first novel and FOLD was my first Canadian literary festival. While American and Canadian culture overlap quite a bit, especially when it comes to bookshelves, Canadian literature is unique and I was very heartened by to be embraced by that community I consider home despite residing in the US. It was a homecoming I didn’t know I needed!

Ben Philippe, author of Field Guide to the North American Teenager

The Festival of Literary Diversity was an absolute joy–the organizers thought of *everything* and by anticipating authors’ needs, they freed us to focus on connecting with the audience and each other. There was no pretension, no posturing–just very genuine conversations with invested writers and engaged readers.

Zetta Elliott, author of Dragons in a Bag

I have been to a lot of writers festivals and the FOLD is definitely near the top of the list of those I want to be invited back to.

Harold Johnson, author of the memoirs Clifford and Firewater

Being part of such a clearly diverse, inclusive and mutually respectful group was thrilling and inspiring: a glimpse of a better world.

Kathy Page, author of Dear Evelyn, winner of the 2018 Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize

Wherever I go in Canada and find another writer of colour, we eventually end up gushing about how great the FOLD is, how by normalizing diversity it liberates us to talk to audiences about craft. It’s hard to imagine the literary landscape returning to a prehistoric pre-FOLD era.

Ian Williams, Author of the Giller Prize-winning novel Reproduction

FOLD is a festival experience unlike any other I’ve had. The FOLD team strive to create a space that’s welcoming and engaging, while allowing for curiosity, ingenuity and the fostering of real community – and they succeed, every year.

Alicia Elliott, author of A Mind Spread Out On The Ground

The FOLD is one of the most important literary events on this continent. By focusing on diverse voices and giving authors space to share their stories and speak their truths, it is revolutionizing the writing and storytelling realm as we know it.

Waubgeshig Rice, author of Moon Of The Crusted Snow

Being part of the FOLD community has provided me with a strong sense of belonging. Sharing diverse stories and listening to different voices that broaden my understanding of the world has impacted me as a person and motivated me as a writer.

Ann Y.K. Choi, author of Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety

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