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The 2020 FOLD Kids Book Fest features a number of workshops for young writers and illustrators. Each workshop has a target audience and a general theme. Workshops for kids run for one hour. To make room for questions, workshops for writers 14+ typically run 75 – 90 minutes in length.


Saturday, October 3:

10:00am EST: DOODLE WITH ME is a fun activity for 6+ with author and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi. Register here.

2:00pm EST: WRITING WORKSHOP FOR YOUNG WRITERS, with Richard Van Camp, is for young writers aged 12 – 18. Register here.

2:00pm EST: WRITING KID LIT WORKSHOP, with author and illustrator Jillian Tamaki, is for adults who are interested in writing and creating children’s picture books. Register here.


Sunday, October 4:

10:00am EST: POWER POEMS FOR SMALL HUMANS is for young writers 6-12 years of age and will teach young people how to turn thoughts and ideas into powerful poetry.

2:00pm EST: LEARN TO ILLUSTRATE with Soyeon Kim, is for illustrators 14+. Register here.


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