The Festival of Literary Diversity is committed to providing a meaningful experience for guests. The content below provides general information about some of the accessibility policies and some of the venue logistics for the festival. If anything is missing or if you have any questions, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator at

If you have already purchased tickets to the festival and you require or desire customized care like a dedicated volunteer, a wheelchair, or translation services, please fill out our Custom Care Form and one of our staff will contact you within five business days.



Caregivers and support workers may attend the FOLD for free. Please email our Accessibility Coordinator at if a support worker will be coming with you. Service dogs are welcome throughout the FOLD venues.



The FOLD is a peanut-free and scent-free zone. Out of respect for all participants, please do not bring nut items and or wear perfumes.



The FOLD is an event with mature themes and subject matter. Children under the age of sixteen should attend with a parent/guardian. There are spaces on-site for younger children to explore art and culture in PAMA’s east building under the supervision of a guardian. There is also a public library within walking distance of the facility (approximately 200 meters away). Nursing mothers and their charges are welcome in sessions and throughout the venues; a private nursing room is also available for those who desire a quiet space to feed.



The GO Bus and the Brampton Zum drop stop directly in front of PAMA and City Hall. The stops are approximately 20-50 meters from the main entrance of both facilities. If you are travelling by train, the Downtown Brampton stop is approximately 500 meters (or less) from PAMA, City Hall, St. Paul’s United, and Central Public School.




The majority of FOLD events take place at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA). The parking lot at PAMA will be used for food vendors and a FOLD information tent. Parking spaces for guests with accessible parking permits or those who require custom carePAMA map will be reserved directly in front of the PAMA building on Wellington Street. Please notify us if you require one of these spaces using our Custom Care Form.

Parking @ PAMA: Parking on Wellington Street is approximately 40 meters from the main entrance. All of the rooms where sessions are held are accessible using ramps and elevators. All stairwells include railings.

Rooms @ PAMA: All events take place in the West Building of PAMA. The three rooms (Studio 2, Courthouse, Council Chambers) are all in the same portion of the building – Ground Level, Main Level and Upper Level respectively.

Hallways @ PAMA: The hallways are wide enough for wheelchairs. The front row in the Courthouse will be reserved for those in wheelchairs, and those using scooters, and walkers. Spaces in Studio 2 and Council Chambers will be made available for those who require additional access.

Washrooms @ PAMA: Washrooms at PAMA have accessible doors, but washrooms upstairs and on the main floor include stalls. A fully accessible family washroom is located outside of Studio 2 on the ground level of the facility.

Volunteers will be on hand to help guests navigate the building. There are wheelchairs on site. By using our custom care form, guests can ensure that supports like walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and scooters are available for them when they arrive. For more information on PAMA’s layout and services, visit their website.



St. Paul’s United is located about 100 meters from PAMA via paved walkways. The parking lot for St. Paul’s United will be reserved for those with accessible parking permits and those who require additional support. All spots are less than 20 meters from the accessible entrance. A ramp from the parking lot leads directly into the building, and a lift will provide guests with access to any floor of the building. All bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

The Writers’ Hub is fair-style, and will be set up in such a way so that there is space for wheelchairs and scooters to maneuver the lanes. Volunteers will be on hand to help in the event that the event becomes busy.

More information is coming soon!



Underground parking is free after 6pm and accessible parking permits are available. Guests may need to travel anywhere from 20-50 meters and utilize an elevator to get from their parking spot to the atrium. Volunteers will be available to provide additional support as needed.

More information is coming soon!




At Central Public School, parking is available on site, approximately 50 meters from the auditorium entrance. Portable washrooms for all guests (including an accessible portable washroom) are located five metres from the main entrance. For guests who are planning to attend the Educator Workshop and require custom care, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator right away.


If you require additional support or resources that is not covered here, or if you have questions about the information presented, please email our Accessibility Coordinator at . If you have already purchased tickets, and you require or desire customized support, please fill out the Custom Care Form. We look forward to making your visit enjoyable.



Garden Square is an outdoor venue 500 meters from PAMA via paved sidewalks. Accessible street parking is available on Main Street and Queen Street and parking is free on the weekends. To ensure that guests have adequate access, we recommend emailing our Accessibility Coordinator in advance. Accessible parking is also available underground at the Rose Theatre. Elevators, ramps, and buttons are available as well, and volunteers will be available to provide additional support as needed. Depending on the s
ace, parking spaces can be anywhere from 30-60 meters from the lot to the venue. For authors and guests who are travelling to Garden Square from PAMA on Saturday night for the Spoken Word Showcase, transportation will be made available to assist with the journey.

Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator Amanda Leduc at or fill out our Custom Care Form and someone will get back to you.