The Reading Challenge




The Festival of Literary Diversity’s annual READING CHALLENGE is designed to get readers to thoughtfully consider the stories they consume and the voices that may be, or may have been, absent from their reading lists.


This year, the planning committee has selected 12 Challenges. Each month, one challenge will be featured in our newsletter and on our blog — providing readers with four amazing titles to guide their reading efforts.


This year’s challenge, features some repeats from last year. For those keen reading challenge followers, do not fear. Add to the challenge by going even further. How many writers of colour can you read this year? How many Canadians can you read? Can you do the challenge twice-over? How can you step outside your genre comfort zones? As we say at the FOLD, diverse and inclusive work always takes more work…but it always reaps better results also. So grab a book and get reading – and check back here for more.


Download the FOLD 2018 Reading Challenge pdf and join our mailing list to receive emails with our monthly suggested reads.


THE LIST (Blogs and graphics will be added each month)

  1. Book by an Indigenous woman
  2. Book by a Black Canadian
  3. Book by a FOLD 2018 author (Reveals start February 1)
  4. Book of poetry by a Person of Colour (POC)
  5. A dystopian novel
  6. Fiction by a transgender author
  7. One Book One Brampton Shortlist Title (Reveal May 6)
  8. Book by a Disabled author
  9. Book by a South American author
  10. Translated title
  11. Fiction featuring a queer character
  12. Fiction featuring a faith based character