FOLD ’17 Reading Challenge

What are you reading this year? How do you decide what to read? More and more we’re discovering people who want to read more diversely, and last year we had a few FOLD followers who took the challenge. So we’re doing it again. Here are 17 challenges for 2017 that will push us to read as diversely as we can. We’ll be tweeting our 2017 FOLD Reading Challenge all year using the hashtag #FOLDRC17 — feel free to jump in and share your own!

Want to have your own copy? Print the pdf: FOLD_info_17challenge_final.

  1. Book set in a province other than your own.
  2. Book by a LBGTQ+ writer.
  3. Book by a Pan-Asian Canadian author.
  4. A 2017 Canada Reads shortlisted book.
  5. Book by a FOLD 2017 author (reveals start January 30).
  6. Amnesty International Book Club selection.
  7. Book by a South-Asian Canadian author.
  8. A translated Canadian title.
  9. Book of poetry by a person of colour.
  10. Book by a First Nation woman.
  11. Book featuring a character of any faith.
  12. Book by an author with a disability.
  13. YA book by a person of colour.
  14. Book set in an indigenous community.
  15. Book by a black Canadian woman.
  16. The One Book One Brampton title.
  17. Book by a person of colour from another continent.


Remember to post your suggestions on social media using #FOLDRC17.