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Giving Tuesday: The FOLD Recommends

Giving Tuesday comes once a year – but the spirit of giving is in season all year long. Here at the FOLD, we see Giving Tuesday as an opportunity to promote and celebrate charities and organizations that are special to us — organizations that promote literary arts and/or support marginalized communities whose stories continue to be underrepresented […]

FREE FALL: An Excerpt from The Dependent by Danielle Daniel

FREE FALL   An excerpt from The Dependent: A Memoir of Marriage & the Military by Danielle Daniel.   I should become a professional wrestler. My name would be Mad Justice. I would stitch MJ on my chest and tie a tomato-red satin cape around my neck. It would flap behind me as I bounced into […]

Crime and Literary Fiction: The Ideal Marriage

I have a confession to make: I love crime fiction. This may not seem like a revelatory admission, but I’ve been writing literary novels for a long time now and genre snobbery is, I’ve discovered, a real thing. When I was in university, I worked at a bookstore and it was there I learned that […]

Diverse Bodies: On Disability and Exclusion (Transcript)

TRANSCRIPT: DIVERSE BODIES: ON DISABILITY AND EXCLUSION     Panelists: Dorothy Ellen Palmer, Jael Richardson. Moderator: Amanda Leduc   Amanda: Hello and welcome, my name is Amanda Leduc and I am the Communications and Development Coordinator for the Festival of Literary Diversity, based in Brampton, Ontario. With me today is author Dorothy Ellen Palmer and […]

Vivek Shraya: Why Are You Wearing Nailpolish?

One of the first people I shared the first draft of The Boy & the Bindi with was my friend Robin Phillips. Robin is an elementary school teacher and a parent, therefore making her an expert on children. I figured if anyone could honestly tell me if the draft had potential as a children’s picture […]

Diverse Bodies and Exclusion

“I still feel the impact of those words. I understood right away that this conversation could not wait another year.” – FOLD Artistic Director, Jael Richardson   In February, the FOLD Planning Team finalized the first Festival of Literary Diversity schedule. As the Artistic Director, I told the team, “This is it. We’re done. No […]

Writers Wanted

THE WRITER’S COURT: WRITERS WANTED Are you an aspiring writer with a manuscript that’s (almost) ready for submission? Would you like a chance to get some real-time editorial feedback? Apply to take part in The Writer’s Court, the must-see feature event of the first Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD)!   The FOLD is looking for a few […]

New Partners Join the FOLD

The last few weeks have been busy at the FOLD. The schedule is (finally) ready. The FOLD Planning Team is making the kinds of critical decisions that are necessary to pull off a smooth, well-run event on a conservative budget. It’s the kind of frenzy that can make a first time festival planning team feel scattered, unsure of […]

12 Black History Books

12 BLACK HISTORY BOOKS Guest Blog by Nadia L. Hohn   Black History Month began as Negro History Week in the United States in in Canada in 1926 as a way to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of people of African descent.  In 1976, it became Black History Month and in 1995, it was officially recognized here in Canada.  […]

Meet Amanda

Hello, everybody! This is Amanda Leduc waving happily at you from my desk, which is also the desk for the new Communications and Development Coordinator at the FOLD, who happens—how exciting—to be me. One of the first things I was asked to do when I came on board to the FOLD team was write a […]