New Partners Join the FOLD

The last few weeks have been busy at the FOLD. The schedule is (finally) ready. The FOLD Planning Team is making the kinds of critical decisions that are necessary to pull off a smooth, well-run event on a conservative budget.

It’s the kind of frenzy that can make a first time festival planning team feel scattered, unsure of how to price things or build events, unsure of what to expect in regards to attendance and ticket sales – especially when you’re a newbie not-for-profit that started the year with $100 in the bank.

In 2015, the FOLD Foundation was the beneficiary of a small contingency of forward-thinking sponsors and financial contributors who supported the mission and vision by investing in start-up initiatives like the website.

2016 has ushered in a new contingency of supporters for the Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD). Since January, the FOLD Foundation has received support from Sheridan and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Recently, the Region of Peel and Canadian publisher ECW Press joined the FOLD as partners as well, adding to the early support of corporate sponsors and funders like Investors Group, The Richardson Team, and the Ontario Arts Council.

But it was the contribution approved by City Councillors at the City of Brampton this week that’s giving Canada’s first festival for IMG_8759diverse books its firmest foundation. With the contribution, the City of Brampton became the largest single donor, providing a significant financial contribution as well as in-kind donations in the form of venues and event resources like tents, portable washrooms, and picnic tables.

While financial contributions are not the only way to support the Festival of Literary Diversity, the FOLD Foundation is grateful for the generous support of those who are ensuring this inaugural event goes off without a hitch.

We are also grateful for the support of local spaces like the Brampton Library and Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives, who will be promoting ticket sales through their programming efforts over the next few weeks. A generous story in the latest edition of Quill & Quire magazine has helped to get the word out across Canada as well, and there are partners who will be recognized in various ways for their partnership roles.

It seems children are not the only ones who need a “village” behind them. The FOLD Foundation and the FOLD Planning Team are incredibly grateful for every member who has given or donated — for every person who will buy a ticket or attend an event or simply spreads the word on Twitter. Thank you.